Things To Do


A visit to Grassy Head is not complete without a visit to the lookout over Stuarts Point – with views right down to South West Rocks.   There’s an unpaved walking track from Grassy Head Holiday Park where you’ll see the Macleay River’s past and present river mouth, macadamia nut and avocado farms and the majestic Smoky Cape.

Grassy Head Beach, opposite the Holiday Park is a magnificent walk – great for shell collectors.  Just behind Grassy Head is Way Way State Forest and the Pines Picnic area.  On a clear day, you can almost see the entire Macleay Valley Coast form the top of Mount Yarrahapinni in the Yarriabini National Park.


Grassy Head Beach, located directly opposite the Holiday Park, is an excellent surfing beach that is patrolled during the summer school holidays. It features a great right-hand beach break, and on calm days is perfect for snorkeling. You can work your way around the rocks observing the scores of marine life that inhabit the area.


The southern rocks have the best access and gutters, with shifting gutters up both beaches. You’ll be sure to hook bream, drummer, flathead, luderick, mulloway, rock blackfish, tailor, trevally and whiting.


Grassy Head is a great place to relax in and out of the water, and is perfect for a family beach holiday with swimming, surfing, body boarding, snorkeling or fishing.

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