The Best Fishing Spots on the NSW Mid North Coast

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young boy at Crescent Head beach after catching a large fish

The Best Fishing Spots on the NSW Mid North Coast


If there is one thing every fisherman loves, it’s knowing that no matter where you are the fish are biting. Well, we can’t guarantee that, but these local insights are sure to help give you a good chance at hooking something for the fry pan or the photo album. The best thing about fishing on the Macleay Valley Coast is the variety of fishing options with beach, river, rock and offshore fishing all within close proximity to our parks, meaning you’re maximising your time on the water when staying with us.

If on your doorstep is what you are looking for, what better way to pull the camp chair, crack open the esky and throw in a line not far from your campsite. All 5 of our Macleay Valley caravan parks are right next to tidal estuaries perfect for fishing or launching the boat or kayak nearby.

We can’t fit every detail of where to be and what to catch in this area on a page, so here are our top-line insights for each location.

young boy after fishing at Crescent Head

Hat Head fishing

Surrounded by estuary, beach and a rocky headland, Hat Head Holiday Park is the ultimate fishing destination. The headland is renowned as one of the best rock fishing locations in the state with many large Spanish Mackerel and Jewfish taken over the years.

Those looking to get offshore will find the two-lane boat ramp within the holiday park perfect for launching and crossing the usually protected bar of Korogoro Creek to reach the great fishing offshore. Snapper, Jew and Kingfish are popular during winter months, while Marlin, Mackerel and Wahoo are all targets when the warm water pushes in from the north.

When the wind or swell makes it too rough for offshore and rock fishing, grab the lighter rods and hit Korogoro creek for fun with the resident whiting, flathead and blackfish which are prolific with the incoming tides. The kids will have a ball and it’s all meters from your caravan or campsite.

Stuarts Point fishing

Want to fish from the comfort of your campsite? Well, Stuarts Point the place. Throw out a bait from one of the riverside campsites and catch some of the flathead, bream and whiting which move up and down the Macleay Arm of the river. With a boat ramp in the Stuarts Point Holiday Park and wide estuary leading into the river system, there’s plenty to explore. When you’ve had your fix in the river, cross the bridge for endless surf gutters where you’ll find tailor, bream and the odd jewfish.

Grassy Head fishing

Being the next headland up from where the Macleay River meets the sea, this small headland offers rock and beach fishing, with easy access from Grassy Head Holiday Park. For most of the year you can find large mulloway, bream, tailor and snapper during the day but fishing and hour either side of sunset is still the most productive time.

If you are looking for a river fish, drive along back beach to the Macleay River Wall where you can find bream, flathead and jewfish. If the boats in tow and you’re ready to hit the seas, you can launch at Scotts Head and head out the front of Grassy Head where you will find snapper, pearl perch and mackerel.

two people fishing at Grassy Head

Crescent Head fishing

Come turn of the tide in the afternoon, this inlet running alongside Crescent Head Holiday Park is swarming with bream, blackfish and whiting, all too easy for guests and locals to try their hand at catching dinner. From the bridge, banks or along the rock wall in the park are all good spots to set up for an afternoon fish.

Further round to the outer ocean rocks and off the beach you will find flathead, tailor, jewfish and bream. If heading out for the deep sea experience, you can launch from the boat ramp behind the surf club and chase the snapper and pearl perch.

South West Rocks fishing

South West Rocks, the place that pretty much has it all and more. The beach, rocks, river and out to the reef, here you will find all kinds of different fishing spots at your doorstep. Along the beach, rocks and up the river you will find similar fish to the other above areas, but head out to the deep sea to try your luck at catching pearl perch, mahi mahi and mackerel or if you are really game, black marlin are in these waters over the summer period.

No matter where you decide to throw a line in, we have the next perfect spot nearby for you to stay, relax and enjoy the best of the Macleay Valley Coast.

man fishing at hat head beach
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