Surf’s Up! Learn to Surf with the Family

Our 'how-to' on hitting the waves...


Surf’s Up! Learn to Surf with the Family


The sun is shining, the waves are rolling in and everyone is excited to hit the beach. Family holidays really are the perfect opportunity to teach the little ones (or big ones) how to ride a wave and there is no better place to experience surf lessons than on the Macleay Valley Coast. From the world-renowned breaks at Crescent Head to the protected waters of Horseshoe Bay the ideal spot to learn is waiting, and with our tips and tricks you won’t go wrong.

Make it fun

We all remember the first time we rode a bike without training wheels, it felt like you could conquer the world with everyone cheering you on. Well standing up on a wave for the first time is much the same. It’s all about fun and encouragement, and if you’re having a great time so will the kids. Be patient and allow them to enjoy the whole experience. Plus, surfing is an important life lesson for everyone, if you fall you get back up and keep trying.

Learn the basics

Whether it’s the board you’re using or the ocean, it’s important both the instructor and the learner feel comfortable. Watching and understanding the ocean before heading is extremely important for safety. Make sure to find a time of day when the waves or conditions aren’t too strong and if you’re still unsure check with a friendly local life guide. A larger board is always better when learning as it increases stability making it a lot easier to stand up and avoid sinking or getting the wobbles.

Practice, practice, practice

A great starting point before hitting the water is to go through the movements and technique on dry land. You can even start when you’re in the lounge room. Let the kids get comfortable with the board from simply laying on it to practicing getting up to a standing position. Then practice again on the sand right before you begin the surfing lesson so its fresh in everyone’s mind. Once out in the water you can always help them onto a wave by holding the tail of the board as the wave comes then guide them onto the wave, but don’t let go until they’re on their way.

Respect the wipeout

With the power to stop enthusiasm in its tracks the most dreaded part of any surfing lesson is the wipe out. This is inevitable but the best thing is the landings are usually soft in the water and is an important experience which is all part of the learning curve when hitting the waves. It teaches kids the power of the ocean and how to handle the situation, while still in the shallows. A good tip is to practice holding your breath, diving under waves and staying calm with them before going out. Plus, with a little (or a lot) of reassurance they will be ready to try again in no time.

If you are after some professional help, these local surf schools can help you along the way; Trent Munro Surf Academy South West Rocks, Crescent Head Learn to Surf.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the kids excited and hit the waves.

Why not come and experience the waves for yourself?

Our beachfront holiday park is the perfect base for you to explore the Crescent Head.

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